Min stay 14 nights

  • How much?: Save 25%
  • When?: When booking from 1st of September to 15th of July
  • Suites: 2 and 3 bedroom
  • Valid for stays up to 14 nights

Long Term Rental

  • How much?: Up to 50% discount
  • When?: From 1st november till 31st March
  • Suites: 2 bedroom
  • Valid for stays of 28 nights or more

Starlite Discount

    If you are attending the Starlite Festival 2017 in Marbella and you wish to benefit from an exclusive 10% discount for your stay with us, send us your proof of attendance to the festival (tickets) and we will forward you the discount code.

  • Valid for effective bookings from July 13th to August 26th.